Water by Hoogesteger – 100% fresh & natural

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Everyone knows how important water is. 2 Liters of water per day are the right quantity in order to provide our organs with liquidity. Actually it is not that much but many of us have a problem with it and drink less than needed. To be honest I like water and drink it with pleasure but sometimes it´s not that easy for me to get the required quantity, especially when I´m not home. For a long time the only way was to buy a bottle of still water (I do not drink sparkled water at all) at supermarket. Now, in the time when healthy eating became so popular, there are many new possibilities and alternatives to get something different. That is how I discovered a new kind of still water. This water includes such ingredients as peppermint, lime, ginger or melissa, which not only gives a nice taste but is also very healthy. I am sure there are many options in different stores everywhere (I mean, not only in Germany). So you can find something what you like. Drink more and stay healthy!



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