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Though I am 100% a summer person, I´m looking forward to the season of fall. Of course, such things like short days, lack of sun and warmth are nothing to be looking forward, but there are some things that I really enjoy in this season. Every one of us associates fall with his or her own personal ideas and things. It can be a walk in the forest or just a cup of hot peppermint tea. To me, this season is the time when I think more often about something eternal. It´s also the time when I become more creative. When the weather gets colder, the days shorter and the sun is a rare guest, I do much more creative work. This is the right time to fill my blog with fresh content. So, I write down all the ideas I get to fulfill them in my future blog posts. But there are also many other things my fall brings me. What other reasons are there to be looking forward to the season of fall? Let´s chat about it.

Cozy working with a cup of hot tea

Every blogger spends much time sitting at the computer, it´s a fact. I personally, feel a little bit disturbed while working on my notebook in spring and summer when the weather is warm and sunny. Fall is the perfect time to work at home. I personally love to create a cozy and romantic working atmosphere in my working room like lighting some candles, making a cup of tea and make myself comfortable with my notebook. Fall is the time to think and recollect. This is exactly what every blogger needs.



Wearing favorite fragrances

Though I prefer light, flowery perfumes in general, in fall I love wearing three of my favorites which are the exception to my fragrance rule. I associate this season with the following of them: Burberry London, Cuir Améthyste, and Lacoste pour Femme. Burberry is a kind of flowery, but it´s very intense and London-like. You can feel it the best way during the cold seasons. To me, this is how the classic trench coat and plaid scarf by Burberry should smell like. Cuir Ameythyste is very different from Burberry and feels kind of masculine. It smells like leather and birch. This fragrance is so unique and special. You won´t find anything like it. Still, in order to wear it, you should love it and feel the right way. I personally cannot wear it every day because of its strong character. But there are days when I feel strong and self-conscious enough to feel very comfortable wearing it. The third fragrance is also very feminine and feels light and intense at the same time. Wearing the Lacoste perfume feels like wearing a warm, cozy, soft, white cashmere sweater. It´s so covering and comfortable like a soft hug.

These three fragrances I love and associate them with nice moments, fallen leaves, candles, cozy evenings and much more. That´s why I return to them every fall.



Wearing all the fall trends

I´m also very excited to wear the fall trends I like the most this season. Many pieces are already waiting to be styled. To my little fashion treasures belong such pieces as a plaid menswear jacket, a captain’s cap, relaxed Mom jeans and Co. Probably, I won´t stop and purchase some other fall and winter trendy pieces. There are just so many trends to choose from this season. In case you want to know more about the most beautiful and interesting fall trends, click here.

Maple trees in a color show

Maple trees are my favorite trees. I even dream of having some in front of my house someday. Until then, I enjoy them in the city. Fortunately, there are many maple trees in Dusseldorf. Only in fall, there is a chance to see the most beautiful and colorful transformation these trees are undergoing. Green, yellow, orange and red leaves make fall a unique season. To me, it´s the perfect time to take a long walk beneath maple trees.



The 8th season of the walking dead

From speaking of eternal, cozy or just beautiful things we now turn to the walking dead. Well, I´m really looking forward to knowing what will be happening next in the show. Actually, I´m a huge zombie fan and that´s why I cannot stop watching this amazing show. So, I´m very excited about the new episodes. Besides that, there are also many other interesting shows to be shown in October. My evenings will probably be very busy.



Going to the movies

I love movies and try to watch every new film which might be interesting for me. Though I love summer, it´s not the right time for going to the movies. There are practically no big premieres at that time. With the beginning of fall, new films are released almost every week and there is a plenty of them to choose from. This fall I´m excited to watch such films as IT, Star Wars 8, Downsizing and Jumanji. Additionally, late fall is the perfect time to pick up some favorite films, create a cozy atmosphere at home and enjoy them the whole night long.


I´m wearing: military Jjcket by She in / t-shirt by H&M similar (here) / pants by H&M / sandals by Zenden / bag by Guess / sunglasses by Chloé / earrings by Swarovski (here) / watch by Fossil



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What are you waiting for in fall? 

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  1. 18. September 2017 / 5:02

    As I am reading this post I have a hot cup of tea next to me =o) Today was a bit cooler where I live so I have on long sweat pants and am drinking my cup of tea =o) Perfect for the fall weather


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