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Hi, beauties! Instagram, I just love this platform because of all the weird things going on there. They constantly give me some food for thought which makes me write new blog posts. There is no need to say that Instagram is no longer the platform it used to be. For about five years, it was a place where creative people could share their works and grow a community of people with the same interests. It wasn´t like “follow for follow” or something. It was like “oh, I like his/her pics and that´s why I follow this person”. Now it´s a great parade of the most polished luxury life, perfection, and selling figures. Sometimes I even forget that I´m not at Amazon while scrolling through Instagram. There are so many things to buy, the physical ones and kinda knowledge, wisdom or simply scam. I personally don´t care about advertisements for physical things but I really hate all those courses, webinars, and marathons. Still, I´m shook to see that those scammers who pretend to be professional coaches do get people participating in their scam. There are indeed people out there who, for some reason, are ready to pay for shitty information everyone already knows. Recently, I found another “great” course which is supposed to teach you how to turn your dreams and goals into reality. Does it mean that paying a given sum of money guarantees all my wishes really will come true?! Wow! If there is any money back guarantee for the course, then, count me in!

We all want to be happy and successful, still there is no need to lose your mind and the ability of critical thinking

Happiness and success are the things that every one of us wants to have. Success means different things for every one of us too. For some people it is a great career, for the others, it´s a big and happy family. Even if we know that achieving our goals means working hard on it, we still want to believe that there is a nice trick somewhere which could make the goals be achieved much easier and faster without so much hard work. This is what such internet coaches take advantage of. Returning to the „make your dreams come true“ course, I read some enthusiastic reviews concerning it. Some people wrote something like “finally, I can see that I walk the right way” or “the coach showed me that this is the right thing to do even if my friends and family don’t understand and support me”. Does it mean that we should pay money for somebody to tell us that having a dream means working on it and believing in it? Wow, that´s amazing! I always thought that it´s the most obvious thing in the world that having a dream or a goal means believing in it even if nobody else does and working consistently and hard. For sure, it´s great when your surrounding understands and supports you but if it´s not the case, you won´t let them bring you down and will fight further, right?!

One should not give money to those who just say what one wants them to hear. All those trendy courses, personal horoscopes or the future telling don´t do anything for you. The only person who can change anything is you and nobody else. Learn to see your abilities and talents to proceed. So, if you absolutely don´t have any voice, even a super coach on the web won´t help you get a superstar. See your potential and work hard getting better every day. Doing so, you will get successful, maybe not today or tomorrow but you definitely will. This wisdom was completely free of charge 😊.


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Military jacket: using the military trend for a girly outfit which doesn´t have that army touch

Frankly, I love military pieces and wear them a lot. To me, they have that special touch and energy and always look awesome. Still, today I decided to create a very different outfit which is more girly than tough. For that, I chose my favorite jacket in the US army look as the main element of my outfit. I combined it with a suede mini skirt and wrapped a sporty belt bag around my waist to make an accent and add femininity to the look. To set another accent I decided for the ankle-boots with the leo print. If you think that I set enough accents on my outfit, you´re wrong because I decided for a bun on my hair. I also put an orange silk scarf around it and numerous hair clips on one side of my head. Choosing the black ones, I made my hair styling unique without having too much going on on my head. Didn´t I just break the rule of the maximum accent pieces in one outfit? Definitely yes. Still, the combination looks harmonic and stylish. The trick I use a lot is getting some space between statement pieces and adding neutral ones. If such accents are placed far from each other, they don´t spoil the broth. That´s why I put on a simple white t-shirt under the military jacket and decided for a black skirt. I feel a little bit like a cute girl scout in this outfit 😊. What do you think about this outfit full of great accents?

By the way, in case you still don’t have all fashion pieces you need this summer, check out Alba Moda, cause there you will find everything you need to be stylish and ready for summertime.

I´m wearing: jacket by Shein / t-shirt by Asos / skirt by H&M / ankle-boots by Stradivarius / bag by Missguided / hair clips by Ebelin / silk scarf by H&M 


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