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I have dreamt to visit Iceland for so long. Though I´m not a fan of a cold weather, I always felt admiration seeing Icelandic landscapes, beautiful nature, mineral springs, and northern lights on TV. As I´m planning my trip to this overwhelmingly beautiful country and thinking about all needed things to take with, I decided to make a short list of my personal essentials. These are my must-haves for going to Iceland.


My SLR camera Sony a 77 II has been my companion on different trips for almost a year. Though I´m not a professional photographer, photography is my passion. On the contrary to my blog where you mostly can see my standing in front of the camera, I spend much time behind it as well. Nature, architecture, and animals are my favorite things to take pictures of. By the way, you can see my creative work visiting my second Instagram account daria_dbk_photography.

I could spend much time complimenting my camera and its possibilities, but there is just one disadvantage in it, it weighs pretty much. That is why I wear it around my neck or on my shoulder only while photographing. For transporting it I use a special backpack. Probably, it´s not the most fashionable piece in the world, but there is enough room for my camera, two additional lenses, a charger, cables, memory cards and other things. It´s important for me because I can keep all that I need in one place and feel comfortable while wearing it. So, one of my lenses, the Tamron AF70-300mm F.4-5,6 helps me to take awesome pictures of landscapes or distant objects and gives an extra weight. I love working with this camera and enjoy the quality of the pictures from every trip I had taken it with me.



Actually, I don´t like taking a tripod with me and try to take my pictures without it. But sometimes there is no chance to have qualitative photos, especially photographing nature or the sky by night without using it. This time I will need to take a tripod because I ´ve always wanted to see and take pictures of northern lights and other unique natural phenomena and it will give my camera a stable stand even if it will be windy.

Face cream Physiogel

Nice pictures aren´t the only important thing. Skincare in such a severe climate should be paid great attention to. As I have a sensitive skin tending to dryness and redness, I need a rich and deeply nourishing skin care product to protect it. When it gets cold or I travel to a place with a real and cold winter, I use the face cream Physiogel. The brand can be purchased at the pharmacy and is specially made for a sensitive skin to protect it against cold and dehydration. I use it in the evening because its rich texture needs some time to be absorbed. I love how nourished and hydrated my skin becomes in the morning.


Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque by Kiehl´s

Another skin care product I don´t want to miss anymore. This overnight face mask is my savior every time I travel. It helps to hydrate the thirsty and tired skin perfectly. I regularly use it 1-2 times a week and let it work throughout the night. Of course, a full-size package is not the best thing to take with you while traveling. That is why I refill the needed amount in the miniature size, I once got at Kiehl´s. So, I can use the product numerous times and don´t need to take the whole 125 ml in my luggage.


Warm and cozy sweaters

Pretty dresses will definitely remain hanging in the wardrobe because the weather in Iceland is way too cold to wear them. Instead, I decided to take numerous warm and cozy oversized sweaters. Such pieces will keep me warm and will look trendy with skinny jeans. Comfy turtleneck sweaters are even better because you won´t need a scarf.



I am a huge fan of Uggs and have more than two pairs of these comfortable boots. After a long consideration, I decided for the black ones as they would match all outfits and look more neutral. Additionally, Uggs are so warm and practically made for such weather. I found my Uggs boots at Planet Sports. On the website, you can purchase many original boots including a great variety of Uggs from different collections.




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