What makes the AirPods by Apple the best wireless headphones

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Music has such a huge role in my life. That´s why it´s very important for me to have qualitative headphones. I tried so many different headphones by different brands but unfortunately, even good reviews of the buyers on the internet do not guarantee that a certain headphone’s version will work for you. I tried numerous wireless headphones, but I always got disappointed by the sound quality and got back to my traditional headphones. However, since the moment I purchased my iPhone XS Max I knew that I needed wireless headphones. I have to admit that I didn´t want to have Airpods at all. Still, the moment I tried them out changed everything. I´m still not a huge fan of how they look but there are so many pros in these headphones that to me these are the best wireless headphones on the market. Let´s take a look at what makes them worth purchasing.

A super sound even while listening to very demanding music

The quality of the sound is the most important characteristic while purchasing headphones. That´s why I always try headphones in the store before actually buying them. Well, maybe listening to some pop songs, it´s not that decisive but if you prefer rock music you´ll definitely need an amazing sound and super clear basses. This was my biggest problem with all previous wireless headphones. One day I decided to test the Airpods in the Apple store and in the moment, I put them to a hard test with a song by Slipknot, I knew that I had to get them. The sound was so clean and great.

Practical Airpods

These headphones are extremely practical. You can take them wherever you want because they almost don´t need any space. You practically can have them with you in your jeans pocket. A little case secures them from being lost and charges your Airpods every time you place them in there. You can listen to your favorite music continuously for about 6 hours and speak on your iPhone for about two hours (an integrated exterior noises suppression causes more power consumption). Another great thing is that even if you´re not at home you can simply charge your Airpods easily and fast in the rechargeable case and you´re well taken care of for the rest of the day.

The most comfortable headphones for my ears

Unfortunately, almost all headphones hurt my ears after some time of using them. Of course, there are headphones with different sizes of caps which are supposed to make them suitable for everybody. In my case though it wasn´t so easy because the smallest caps are too small for my ears and the medium ones are too big. In order to place such headphones correctly in my ears, I have to push them quite hard and this is exactly what causes pain. Astonishingly, Airpods are so comfortable for the ears that I can barely feel them. Even after some hours of usage, I don´t have any unpleasant feeling and still, Airpods sit perfectly and never fall out of my ears even if I would practically do a handstand. These are the first headphones in my life that feel 100% anatomically comfortable.

An easy, great, and fast operation

Those of you who tried to connect the iPhone with a car music system or any wireless headphones by different brands know for sure how annoying it can be. You try to connect them and get a message that the attempt failed over and over again. If you know what I mean, you will be blown away by how easy and fast Airpods connect to your Apple gadgets. All you need to do is to open the upper cup of the Airpods case and hold them near your iPhone or iPad for a sec. That´s it! Your iPhone will show you the charge status of both your Airpods and the rechargeable cover. The signal is also always constant, and the connection never breaks down. I always had this issue with other wireless headphones and it was quite frustrating. If you have an Apple watch, you can download your favorite music there and connect the headphones to your watch. I love using them in that way when I have a workout. My iPhone is safe at home while I´m sweating in the gym. It´s so practical. We will talk about the Apple watch in detail in one of my future posts too.

All in one, Airpods are a definite must-have for everyone who loves a great sound, fast and easy operation and have Apple devises. Though I don´t think that 179 EUR is little money but the Airpods are definitely worth it. On my side, I only regret one thing, I should have bought them much earlier.


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