Where to go while in Amsterdam – “My personal favorite spots”

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The worst thing you can do while traveling is taking the same route as millions of other tourists take. Of course, when you visit a place of your dreams, you´ll probably want to see all the famous sightseeing spots you saw on TV and social media platforms. Still, taking standard routes you risk destroying all great impressions from a place because of all the people, rush, and stress. The best thing about going to the same place several times is the chance of getting to know even those spots which would be kept secret for normal superficial tourists forever. This is how I feel going to Amsterdam every time. I love this unique city so much and enjoy getting to know its numerous facets every time I stay there. I already have a list with my personal favorite places for every occasion while staying in Amsterdam. Check them all out to try them, while you´ll be there too.


A cozy place to have a great breakfast in the heart of the city at Charlie´s Kitchen

A very stylish and cozy café called Charlie´s kitchen (here) is located five-minutes-walk from the main station. It offers breakfast options every day until 16 p.m. My personal favorite is English breakfast which includes fried bacon strips, sausages, toasted bread, fried eggs, and beans. It´s always fresh and at the heart of yumminess. Of course, there are other breakfast options, even vegetarian ones. Still, the English one is my favorite which I always take while in Amsterdam. Though the café is located super central, it´s not too busy. It´s because of the fact that you may easily go by without even noticing it on the central, overcrowded street. This makes it a nice secret spot with tasty food, nice music, and a cozy interior.


For those for you who love omelets, I would recommend another great place to eat, it´s the so-called omeleterie Eggs & C(here). There are numerous cafés of this chain in the central districts of the city so that you can simply choose one which is closer to you. Among more than twenty different omelet options you will definitely find one to your liking. Though, keep in mind that it´s quite busy there the whole day long (you can have breakfast until 4 p.m. there) and you will probably need to wait for a free table a little bit.


The right place to stay in Amsterdam

I stayed at so many hotels in Amsterdam which were pretty well but from the moment I discovered the NH Collection Barbizon Palace (here), it belongs to my favorites. I stayed there two times already and I love everything about it. Though the hotel is very big, you don´t have a feeling like it´s too overcrowded there (the hotel is always mostly full though). All rooms are cozy and have modern furniture in there. Last time I got a room with an amazing view over one of the canals of Amsterdam. The staff of the hotel is always very friendly and is ready to help you every time. In the lobby, all guests can have fresh fruit and cucumber-lemon water every day free of charge. I just love all the little things which make you feel welcome at this place. This hotel deserves its 5 stars.



If you are hungry, go to Cannibale Royale

This restaurant is also a chain of several ones located in different central districts of the city. Take a look at their website to see what restaurant is closer to you (check it here). Every time we are in Amsterdam, we eat there. Though there are too many beef dishes (I personally don´t eat beef at all), it´s still a nice variety of salads, chicken, and vegetables. As for vegetables, I know, it sounds very boring but in fact, a huge amount of grilled vegetables is so tasty that I order them almost every time. All Cannibale Royale restaurants have the same dark and gloomy atmosphere with old furniture, objects hanging on the walls, old pictures, and a huge fake saw hanging above the bar. There are mostly the locals who eat in that place. For tourists, it´s almost impossible to find it simply because its small grey door doesn´t look like it´s a cool location with nice music there. Every Cannibale Royale restaurant is super busy, that´s why it´s important to make a reservation at least one day beforehand. In the daytime, you may have more luck without reservation though.

I´m wearing: coat by Na-Kd / t-shirt by Asos / cropped hoodie by Missguided / jeans by Asos / boots by Dr. Martens / belt bag by Missguided


The right place to rock

Amsterdam has a huge variety of clubs to go out. By chance, we found the club called the Cave (here) and decided to go there because my husband and I prefer rock music. It was years ago but we still go there every time we are in Amsterdam. It´s a traditional rock bar which every fan of rock music will love. All guys working there are extremely nice, friendly, and will eagerly play a song of your wish. The best thing is that you can go there even in a week. The club opens every night at 8 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m. At weekends you can rock even longer until 4 a.m.


The perfect way to see the city

Amsterdam is one of those cities which should be looked at from the water. There are so many streets and historical buildings which you cannot reach by bus or by car, but you can them form a boat. Of course, you can have a tour with these big boats on canals but let´s be honest, sitting with a hundred of people doesn´t sound very cozy and romantic. Additionally, you these boats a too big to go through some canals which aren´t wide enough. This is why I prefer taking a private tour with a smaller boat. Mostly, you will pay about 15 EUR per person (see my favorite guys preparing such tour here) which is a little bit more but you´ll get a chance to take a one-hour-long trip on big and small canals (which are too narrow for normal touristic ships) in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. A friendly crew will tell you the most interesting facts about all the famous places in Amsterdam. You will enjoy this time while sipping a drink of your choice. Though I took this boat tour several times, I still love it because it makes me feel like I belong to the city in a certain way.


Museums for every taste

There are so many different museums in Amsterdam so that everyone will find something interesting. I personally like all the gloomy things that’s why I can highly recommend you to visit the torture museum (here) where you learn more about the middle ages, different torture methods and why they had been applied. If you like more chilly moments, you should also go to see the next place from my list.


The Amsterdam Dungeon

It´s more a staging that the real museum, still, you will have a blast there, I promise. The performance is held in English and Dutch. Going through the dungeons of Amsterdam means going through numerous rooms representing some event from the 19th century. I won´t give you any spoiler alarms, you definitely should go and see all of it yourself. I can just reveal that all actors are amazing and do their job extremely well. You will have some chilly moments accompanied by creepy demons and ghosts (see all the details here).


Delicious and fast snacks, great lunch, coffee break or just normal shopping

Directly on the Dam square, there is the famous shopping mall de Bijenkorf (here). In one place you can find all luxury brands, fancy and popular makeup lines known from the most viral Youtube tutorials and much more. Even if you don´t have an intention to go on a splurge, you´re still in the right place. The whole upper floor is a huge restaurant where you can have all you want, starting with sandwiches finishing with Asian kitchen. I love spending some time there even if I´m not hungry by simply getting a cup of freshly brewed coffee with a yummy addition. In respect with all the luxury of the place, the prices there are not too high, so you mustn’t be a millionaire to dine there.


It was my personal list of the spots in Amsterdam where I love to spend my time. I sure that the list will get bigger pretty fast because I love getting to know new places in this amazing city and my next trip there is already scheduled.



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