Why I decided against a boob job – breast implant illness and other problems with silicone implants

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Hi, beauties! This blog post belongs to one of the most personal for me. I needed a lot of time to summon enough courage, thoughts, experience, and scientifically proven facts to finally write it. I´m even prepared for some gals who underwent the implantation with gel-filled implants and doing well thinking of me like anybody who just tries to create another silly conspiracy theory around this topic. So be it! Still, hundreds and thousands of women every day don´t get enough and true information concerning this procedure and all risks hiding in silicone implants. This post is the result of my own experience and my personal study concerning this topic. All links will be given for you to see that everything I´m talking about is scientifically proven.

I also wanted to have a boob job done until I learned this…

Like many other gals out there, I also was the one who always dreamed of bigger boobs. My A-cup was never enough for me and I wanted to change it. Many years I gathered courage and had two consultations with plastic surgeons to finally make this step. The moment I found the perfect surgeon for me and was sure that I would have this procedure done, I came across a video on Youtube. In the video, a young female vlogger told her way through explantation and what made her make this decision. I believe that nothing in this life happens without any reason. I´m just glad to have found and watched this video before my operation.

The thing is that this gal started experiencing numerous symptoms regularly without actually being ill. Her condition got even worse with the time passing and doctors she had been going to never took it seriously because her lab results were ok. Years passed until she finally found out that her silicone breast implants made her ill. This is why she decided for the explantation. This video was the starting point for me to scrutinize this topic deeper. According to the official documents, in the timespan of 2014 and 2016 more than 70 000 women in the US underwent the procedure of explantation because their implants made them sick. Did you hear any of this information while consulting a plastic surgeon? Of course, not! The reason is that there is so much money which is earned with this procedure every day, that such things and facts are mostly not discussed. This is why the women who got the so-called silicone breast implant illness are referred to as liars, conspiracy theorists or just mentally unstable persons.

Is silicone safe for my body? What is in there?

All women who are interested in breast enlargement and other similar procedures are told that silicone gel is totally safe for regular use because it´s a clear medical gel placed in a hermetically sealed bag. We are told that it cannot affect our health in any way. Nonetheless, different studies in the US and Australia show that silicone chemically reacts after some time and numerous substances are released, such as heavy metals. The worst thing is that the gel-filled implants don´t even have to be ruptured or damaged. Chemicals and toxins are therefore naturally attracted to silicones and vice versa. In addition to heavy metals, numerous chemicals are utilized in the manufacturing processes to synthesize silicone gel. Many of these are neurotoxins and carcinogens and given the recent revelations above they probably do not fall out of the soup mixture at the end. In addition to providing still another mechanism for silicone toxicity, could these phenomena also be related to the recent evidence linking a rare type of cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), to certain types of silicone gel-filled breast implants? Heavy metals released in the body are the main reason for the complaints of 40% of recipients of having a metal taste in the mouth after about 3.5 years of implantation.

What is breast implant illness?

Biologists and physicians are sure that silicone implants may cause so-called breast implant disease. The results of studies based on women who underwent such procedures showed that after 3.5 years after the implantation, 50-75% of women got numerous similar symptoms. In all cases, the implants had not been ruptured but totally intact. In the studies of the Monmouth medical center, USA, symptoms and some results of the studies stay as follow: Results the interval from the time of implantation to the onset of systemic complaints was an average of 3.5 years. By seven years the women manifested an average of 14 symptoms and signs. These encompassed multiple types of skin rashes, polyarthritis, fatigue, protracted morning stiffness, myalgias, headaches, photosensitivity, hair loss, tinnitus, paresthesias, chest pain, lymphadenopathy, cognitive dysfunction, dry eyes (documented by a positive Schirmer test), skin pigment changes, itching, muscle twitching, dizziness, nausea, easy bruisability, and odor and smell sensitivity. Exhaustive immunologic, neurologic, endocrinologic, hematologic, and cardiac evaluations failed to reveal a recognizable textbook explanation for these phenomena. Four of the women have been completely explanted after an average seven years device insertion, with 2.5 years of subsequent follow-up. Improvement and/or resolution of at least 50% of their total disease manifestations have occurred in three of the four. During the entire observation period, there has been no evidence for any recurrent or new anaplastic process in any of the women.” (information was taken from the article, see link #7 at the end of the post).

As you can see, there are so many chemically influenced issues our body must face with by having silicone implants in there. Additionally, anaplastic large cell lymphoma is more difficult to identify because in many cases gel-filled implants impair visibility.

Does every woman who has silicone implants get breast implant disease?

The answer is, no. Biologists and physicians who studied silicone implants and their reactions on our bodies found out that a certain group of women remained immune and totally healthy even after having worn the implants for decades in their bodies. Like every other disease, the breast implant disease is something some bodies can make a natural barrier against. This is why such women stay healthy and don´t get any symptoms. Speaking of the lymphoma, though the risk of getting it with implants is much higher, it doesn’t mean that everyone may get it. Compare it with cigarettes. Though it is known that they may cause lung cancer, not every smoker gets it. Still, I personally don´t want to have such a risk and play Russian roulette with my health and my life in general. I said “good-buy” to this procedure and I won´t be back to it.

Think about your health first

I spent so much time reading and studying a great number of papers and information to make a blog post which would be scientifically based because it´s so important for all women to think before we decide for something as significant as implantation. After having discovered so many facts proving how dangerous gel-filled implants can be, I decided to stay far away from any similar procedure. I want to live a happy and healthy life and I don´t want to ruin it just because of my subjective beauty ideals or wishes. I absolutely don´t want and don´t mean to criticize those who already underwent this procedure or affect your decision concerning it. Still, I think that it´s just very important to know what consequences of this procedure may occur. I see so many women who undergo breast implantation after getting their kids. My appeal to all moms out there is to think twice before making this step. Think of your kids first, they need a healthy and happy mom. To all gals out there who like me, have a gentle A-cup, I wanna say that small boobs are in trend nowadays and they make you look much younger. It´s better to stick to a gorgeous push-up bra instead of being constantly scared of the possible problems with your health caused by your implants. Last but not least, to all women who underwent this procedure and feel great, stay healthy and happy.




Links to scientifically proved information, studies and biologists´ and physicians´ pamphlets:

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