Why I fell in love with chunky sneakers and how to find yours


Though, the official fall is already there, the weather is still quite good and it´s warm. We should definitely use these last days to tank some sun energy. I personally try to spend as much time outside as I can and wanna wear my summer outfits until it gets freaking cold (just kidding… do I?). Blazer, trench coats and warm coats can wait until then. By the way, did you find something new for your fall/winter wardrobe? This time, I don´t want to purchase too many pieces. Still, you probably cannot have enough knits, right? Additionally, coats are my personal obsession, so, I will find a new one this season for sure. These are my future plans, but today it´s all about summer feeling and short sleeves.

Chunky sneakers – trendy, colorful, and so comfy

Originally, I wasn´t a fan of chunky sneakers at all. I thought I could never wear them. But it was until I saw the colorful designs for the first time. I fell in love with these cool shoes. Well, this shows again that you should never say never. The sneakers in my today´s outfit blew my mind because they look so cool and have a retro touch too. They even remind me of the film “back to the future”. Such shoes make a great statement in every outfit, whether it´s a dress or like in my case, an overall. Luckily, it´s so easy to find your right trendy sneakers nowadays. There are many online shops, like Snipes where you can take a look around and pick up something to your liking.

As for today, I decided for a comfy overall by Maje which I luckily got with 40% off. I rolled the pants up which made the whole look more casual. A basic t-shirt suits perfectly, especially, if you want to style the outfit up with a sweet it bag with studs by Valentino. I officially dedicate this outfit to the summer of 2018 which was and still is just awesome.

I´m wearing: t-shirt by Asos / overall by Maje / sneakers by EGO / bag by Valentino /



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