Why it´s so important to try new things in life

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Hi, beauties! When we were children we often started and tried something new. Do you remember? It was absolutely okay at that time because that was the only way to understand whether you liked something or not, whether a new affinity was something for you or not. But the older we get, the harder it gets to start something new in our life. As adults, we get somehow way too comfortable and settled down. In the mid-twenties, many people start to slow down to a stop with their “self-development” project. At that moment many of us mostly use the knowledge and skills we already have and are not eager to pick up some new ones. Additionally, starting something new seems like a lot of work. Then, we have the most favorite excuse ever: “I don´t have time for that”. But like they say, “don´t look for excuses, look for a little bit of time”.  It is so important to try to get better every single day of your life. Trying out new things belongs to it too. This is the way we change, find new hobbies, gather new knowledge, and get to know our inner world.


Look at the world through the eyes of a child and use every new possibility the universe gives you

Life is so short and yet there are so many great things to do that it would simply be a crime against yourself not to try at least some of them. But the older we get, the more difficult it becomes. However, there is a way to overcome it. You should just remember what you always were interested in as a child or what you would like to try (deep inside your heart you know it), be it musical instruments, foreign languages ​​or dancing. Then, all you have to do is start. This is how you gain new hobbies, broaden your horizons, meet new people, and develop yourself further. It´s much better than binge-watch TV, right?!


Curiosity in life for more joy

For years, one can wonder what different things would be like. But the answer can only be found if you have tried it. Many people, especially adults, carry fear and insecurity with them starting new things because they are afraid to fail. But if you start something new with a different motto, like “I do it for fun and it´s ok if I don´t do it in the best possible way”, you become much more relaxed and stop being under self-pressure. No one is born a master, everyone is aware of that, but if you stick with having fun and affinity, there are no limits.


Starting something as an adult is a good decision

Why? That´s is quite easy. You are much more aware of what you want. When we were children, we all probably experienced that our parents wanted and expected something from us. Often, children do what their parents always dreamed of. But as an adult, it doesn’t matter anymore because you can shape your life and hobbies the way you think is right. So, this year I started two new things. Since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been learning Dutch. Additionally, I recently started playing drums and now I´m even taking professional lessons. Believe me, almost everyone has asked me why I decided for drums and whether I was serious. In addition, there was often my favorite question about when I´ll finally grow up. Well, if being an adult means stopping having fun and quitting with trying new things in life, then probably never.


What I want to say with today’s post is that no matter what you are said and whether you understood by the others. Do your thing, take a step, explore this world because it has so much to offer. You only live once. You shouldn’t spend this precious time doing the things that make you throw up deep inside.


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