Why you should keep your inner child

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Hi, beauties! How often we forget about having fun in our life and look at it with the eyes filled with excitement like little kids? Of course, there are problems all around us and the things we all have to solve and manage to do every single day. But maybe that´s why it´s so important to take short a break of this complicated adult life, don´t you think so?

When we were kids, we used to be free from all the social norms. We used to do the things we felt like doing because it was fun and we didn´t even care how critically other people would look at us. Though. The older we got, the more we did forget how to feel truly free and happy because of the fear of being criticized by the social norms and opinions.

Don´t let your inner child be killed by the adult sobriety

Unfortunately, there are so many people (even the young ones), who see the whole life so serious that they cannot enjoy it anymore. The age doesn’t play a significant role in it. I´ve seen so many young people who had been real oldies in their hearts and there was absolutely nothing that reminded of their inner child. I, for one, think that it´s very important to treat your inner child right and even spoil it every now and then. This is how we enhance the ability to look at our life and at the world with the eyes full of excitement and happiness. Life is not black or white, it´s the way we want to see it. Even experiencing the most amazing things in the world some of us can kill ruin all the magic of them by seeing them with sober, adult eyes and vice versa. Small things, on the contrary, can give so much joy and happiness, given you allow them to.

I proved one thing myself. Mostly, the people who tend to look cynically at those who can feel as happy and free as kids, are those who completely lost this ability. Maybe they would love to experience something like this, but they don´t know how because their life consists of never-ending problems and complicated situations. They simply don´t have enough energy, willingness, and ability to see through the wall of problems, existing and non-existing. Well, we create the reality we want to live in.


I do what I dreamed of when I was a kid

To see life on a happier and brighter side, you should regularly spoil your inner child. Still, sometimes it´s not easy because many adults don´t even know what to start with. The thing that always helps me is going back to the things I dreamed of when I was a kid. You don´t need to remember your wishes when you were 5 years old, but you need something you still remember and till want in a certain way. It can be something you wanted to try or to have as a teenager.

I remember how badly I wanted to have a pair of solid Dr. Martens boots but due to some reasons I couldn´t buy them. The first boots by this brand I got in my life reached me only two years ago. The moment I tried them on, I was put back in time when I was a teenager and I felt absolutely amazing because this dream finally turned into reality.

Next year, I´m going to take some drums lessons because this is something I´ve been dreaming of for so long. What do I want to reach with it? I clearly don´t know, but I know one thing for sure. It just makes me happy and this is enough to give it a shot and feel as a little kid again.

I´m wearing: coat by Zara / sweater by O´Stin / skirt by Na-Kd / sock-boots by EGO / baret by Stradivarius / bag by Patrizia Pepe

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Was habt ihr letztens Gutes für euer inneres Kind gemacht?








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