Why the most popular new year´s resolutions never come true


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Only two weeks ago many of us prepared the new year´s resolutions for 2018. Some of them will remain undone or unrealized even though they appear on the resolutions´ list every year. Why do we fail on them? Why are the most popular resolutions doomed from the beginning? To be honest, I also used to make such resolutions which would remain undone. Now I know what I did wrong and how to maximize the chances for them to come true.

Why such resolutions like “next year I will quit smoking” or “next year I will do more sports” will most likely fail

Lists with new year´s resolutions have many similarities with wish lists for Christmas. Many of us put just everything on the list without even much thinking about what they really want to change in their life. It´s like putting a Chanel bag or a muscle car on the wish list and hoping it will come true. Still, such gifts get only the most prosperous people. Many of us also put some unhealthy habits on the list hoping they will get rid of them next year. But the truth is that many people don´t have an intention to change their life now. That is why they plan to quit smoking every year five years in a row or finally start eating healthier or do more sports, but they don´t want it truly. Many of such people lack discipline and understanding that every change in our life is a hard and long work. Still, the majority barely wishes these features.

How to make your resolutions come true?

Such resolutions like “next year I finally will…” will fail most likely some months later. To achieve the things that are important to you in the next twelve months you don´t need resolutions, you need goals. Only having a goal and working hard and frequently will bring you further, nothing different. Actually, you don´t even need to wait till the new year comes or the new month or week begins. If you want to change your life and habits drastically, you need to do it right now. Postponing such changes is nothing else than excuses and non-intention to change anything. So, believe in yourself and your success and push yourself to work as hard as you can.

An oversized sweater paired with an asymmetric midi skirt

This winter I practically live in oversized sweaters and love how comfortable and warm they are. In my last blog post of the year 2017, I already showed you how to pair an oversized sweater with a summer dress (here). This time I styled it with an asymmetric midi plaid skirt. To balance the body proportions, I put the front side of the sweater into the skirt and chose heeled boots. This made me look taller and my legs longer. Though both pieces of my outfit are gray, they don´t look boring thanks to the different materials and prints of the skirt and sweater. As you can, even such a soft and oversized outfit can be feminine and suit perfectly for a cold winter day.

I´m wearing: sweater by Zara / skirt by Zara / boots by S. Oliver /


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  1. 12. January 2018 / 20:28

    Chic and cozy outfit! I like how you wrote about New Years resolutions and how it’s better to set goals. I agree!

    Ami Amour

  2. 12. January 2018 / 20:29

    Chic and cozy outfit! I like how you wrote about New Years resolutions and how it’s better to set goals. I agree!


    • Daria
      19. January 2018 / 13:21

      Thanks babe!

      Have a great day!


    • Daria
      19. January 2018 / 13:20

      Thanks a lot, dear Karyn!

  3. 14. January 2018 / 22:59

    Your outfit is really cute! I don’t really stick to my resolutions either haha 🙂 xx

    • Daria
      19. January 2018 / 13:20

      Thank you so much!

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