Wonder stick by NYX – review

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NYX wonder stick

Multifunctional make-up products are really popular nowadays. Actually I don’t know any girl who would say no to the option of taking on vacation just a couple of beauty products instead of towing a huge purse full with different stuff. The wonder stick by NYX is a combination of a contour stick and a highlighter. A kind of magic wand which should help you to bring your face to the high point. NYX created three different wonder sticks: for light, dark skin and a universal version, which should match all skin tones.

NYX wonder stick 1

I picked a universal version just because the light one had been sold out. My first impression after having unpacked the product was like “how can they make the packaging so qualitative for such a low price of the product?!” Of course, it’s plastic but I’ve already seen so many luxury products that have been packed in plastic as well. So for me it’s absolutely ok.

The wonder stick is of good quality as well. The contour stick is high pigmented and easy to apply. Many girls have a problem with creamy consistency but this stick is easy to blend. It also creates very natural look even in my very light skin. That is why I am a little bit confused, whether this version matches darker skin tones as good as my skin.

The highlighter has a white pearl undertone. I don’t know whether it could be a universal highlighter as there are many girls with a darker skin who actually hate it. As for me, the quality is good enough. But there are not so many light reflecting particles in it. So for all “glow to the mood and back” ladies, it won’t be enough. This is a good option for a daily make-up which gives you more natural look.

NYX wonder stick swatch1


 I am really satisfied with the wonder stick by NYX. I could definitely imagine taking it on vacation. The contour stick is easy to use and the result is natural. I would use it for my evening make-up though as I personally prefer dry contouring for a day.

The highlighter is ok but it’s nothing special. Its texture is creamy and also easy to use and blend but the one cannot get an unbelievable glow with it.

I would recommend this product even if there aren’t the best products in the world. The quality is very good, especially for its price. Additionally Nyx doesn´t test its products on animals!

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