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Though I have pretty much to do from time to time, still, I always managed to publish all planned blog posts in time. Catching a cold, being exhausted, going on vacation, having guests and even a surgery I had, didn´t affect my schedule. Obviously, it was because of the right planning and me writing my posts beforehand. Two weeks ago, my parents came to visit me in Germany, I also had some city trips and there were interesting events to choose from, so my routine life went a little bit off the road. That is why I worked on my blog after midnight and in the very early mornings most of the time. But last week was so rich in action that I knew, in case I would prepare my Friday´s post, I would get a burnout. It´s so sad that a day has only 24 hours. I always have so many plans and intentions, actually, too many for just one day. It´s sad to realize that I cannot do all the things I want to.

One week – two trips

Last week I visited my favorite city in Europe – Amsterdam. I´m glad to be there every time as if it was the very first one. This city inspires me in so many ways. It has a unique atmosphere, nice and kind people and endless possibilities to spend your time.

After having one day off I went to my favorite city in Germany, Hamburg. If I could choose one city to live in Germany, I would definitely live in Hamburg. It´s so beautiful and full of stunning architectural buildings. People, there are very friendly and patient. If you had the experience to drive a car in Düsseldorf, you may know what I mean by talking about patience. In fact, it´s a paradise for every fashion blogger because almost every building makes a great background for a photo shooting. Of course, I had to use such locations for taking pictures of a new outfit for my blog. By the way, I already took two outfits there last autumn. You can find them here and here. Though this time I styled a summer look, the weather wasn´t warm enough, only +17 degrees. Well, summer in Germany is very unstable and can be both super-hot and very cold at the same time.

I´m wearing: t-shirt by Jaspal / jeans by H&M / shoes by Office London / earrings by LA / sunglasses by Michael Kors / 

Why does summer pass so fast?

Last week I noticed a close change of the season for the first time while doing some shopping. The summer is passing and all stores are full of the newest fall collections. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s way too early? I personally would love to enjoy this great season even longer. I want to wear fluttering dresses and don´t want to choose what color my new coat should have next autumn. Fortunately, I´m gonna spend some extra days in Spain and postpone the planning of my autumn wardrobe.



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Do you still summer vibes or are you already planning your autumn wardrobe?

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