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Recently, I saw the film I feel pretty. Though the comedy was a little bit exaggerated, the main topic of it made me contemplate about our self-esteem and self-confidence again. For sure, there are girls among us who don´t have any problems with these issues but frankly speaking, the majority of us struggle with themselves to treat ourselves right. Often, we are staying in our own way.



The others see how you feel about yourself

The main female protagonist hits her head while working out. When she wakes up, she sees herself in a completely new way. Actually, she is an average gal with some extra pounds and little self-confidence. But now she thinks that she is a gorgeous, amazingly-looking gal with a lot of power. Her attitude changes her life and she even gets a job she would actually never have applied for earlier. Other people also get to know her from a different side and admire her self-confidence. For sure, the film shows it slightly exaggerated, but the fact is that the way we feel truly makes others see us this way. Did you notice why some less attractive girls who act self-conscious are more successful in their lives (not only with guys) than some beauties who don´t feel that confident? The vibes and the energy that we send to other people is how we feel about ourselves. This is why it´s so important to learn how to love your body, your character, and your self-being.



Frankly, I´m one of those people who struggle every day to love and treat myself right. Now, I realize that only believing in yourself, in your power, your beauty, your energy, you can achieve your goals. All this just makes you feel powerful on the way toward your success. Believing in yourself and working every day on getting better is the key to true happiness and success in your life.


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