Zoeva – Eyeshadow palettes – naturally yours / Love is a story – review

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Zoeva Paletten

Zoeva is famous not only for its make-up brushes. That is why I wanted to try other products such as eyeshadows. I ordered two eyeshadow palettes: “naturally yours” and “love is a story”. The first one is a combination of neutral shades for every day’s look. The second one has some basic shades and many colorful shades, which can be perfect for every kind of evening make-up.

Zoeva Paletten1

Zoeva Paletten2

As I opened them I was positively surprised as I didn’t expect to see anything of such a good quality. The packaging is very nice of design and small and thin enough to be perfect to work with. All colors in both palettes are beautiful and I can use almost every one for my make-up. As for “Love is a story” palette, all the shades in there are of high pigmentation and one need just a touch in order to get enough color. As for “naturally yours” palette, I have a feeling the first row of the shades is not so much pigmented as the second one but it’s ok for me as there are basic nude colors.

Zoeva Paletten4

Zoeva Paletten yours

Zoeva Paletten Love

Zoeva Paletten Love1


I love both eyeshadow palettes by ZOEVA. Both the package and the quality of eyeshadows are very nice. I can only recommend them because it’s not so easy to find a good eyeshadow palette (for me this palette is almost as good as Urban Decay) for such a nice price, only 15 EUR.

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