Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel eyeshadow palette – review

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Hi, beauties! I´m sure that there are many eyeshadows fans by Anastasia Beverly Hills among you. I also belong to them. The moment I learned that the brand had made a collab with one of my favorite Youtube bloggers Carli Bybel, I got very excited. The day the palette had been launched I went straight to Beautybay where I order quite a lot of stuff, I can´t get in Germany. I must say that my excitement was huge, especially after I saw the presentation of the palette by Carli. Though I fell in love with the palette at first sight, I tried to keep a low profile because I know that not all influencer collabs turn out as expected. I think that everyone remembers a hot collaboration of Too Faced with Nikkie Tutorials which had been a complete flop (I mean the quality of the product). That´s why I took my time to test this gorgeous-looking eyeshadow palette created with Carli and used it for numerous different eye-looks, both for day and night. Find out below what I think about it and whether it´s worth the hype. Let´s hop directly into it!

Eyeshadow palette: the packaging

The design of the packaging reflects the character of Carli pretty much. She is always very feminine, and the palette looks exactly this way. The cover of the palette decorated with pink 3D bubbles which is so dreamy and girly. The size of the packaging is exactly the same as every other eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. There is a mirror inside which makes it very practical to take it on every trip. I really like the design of the palette and even think that it´s the prettiest eyeshadow palette Anastasia Beverly Hills has even had.

The shades: pigmentation and what you should know about the palette

There are 14 shades in the palette, from matte to metallics. According to Carli, she had been working on it for more than one and a half years and put her absolute favorites in it. As you often can see in her makeup videos, she loves warm tones which you can also notice looking at the shades in the palette. All shades are highly pigmented and still, very easy to blend even if you´re not a professional. Matter shades can be laid evenly and can be built up without any fallout. Metallics have a little fallout but it´s not a problem at all. For sure, you know what I mean, if you have already used any metallic eyeshadows by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Still, I want to talk about the shade “OA” separately. Though it´s supposed to be a duo-chrome metallic one, in fact, there are quite big glitter particles in it. To keep the shade as beautiful as it´s in the pan, I would stick to such products as “mixing solution” by Kikko Milano or “aqua seal” by Makeup Forever to set them in place. Otherwise, all of them will be on your under-eye area and it´s a tricky thing to remove them after that.

Top or flop

In my eyes, the eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills x Carli Bybel is one of the best and prettiest collaborations lately. All shades are super pretty and unique. I suppose you won´t find the same metallics elsewhere. I also didn´t have any problem applying any of the shade in the palette. They all look just great. Given that there are many metallics in there, you still have so many ways to use it both for day and night makeup. To me, the palette is worth purchasing even if you´ll use only the metallics because they are amazing. I also find the idea of giving each shade the name Carli associates with significant things in her life. You can find the names of her cats, the moniker of her dad, and the name-dedication to her followers. Even if you don´t necessarily know who Carli Bybel is, you should take a closer look at this amazing eyeshadow palette.




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