Beauty favorites of August

The last summer month is over. As a huge summer lover, it´s so sad for me to realize that soon the weather will be so unpleasant that I will force myself to leave my bed. Still, there were many great things in August, for example, I found some amazing beauty products I enjoyed using the whole month. They also will suit during early fall, so take a closer look at them.

No Filter Setting Powder by Nyx

This setting powder is the best proof that you don´t necessarily need a high-end product to set your makeup. I wanted to try this powder for a while but I couldn´t find it here in Germany. Recently, I happened to see it in my town and of course, I purchased it. This product is so worth its hype. It´s perfect both for the under-eye area and the whole face. Not for nothing, it´s called “no filter”. It blurs the skin perfectly so that the pores are minimized and the whole makeup looks flawless. Additionally, it´s quite cheap for its great quality. In case you need a good setting powder, go and try this one.

Glow Fluid by Bio: Végan Skinfood

I already mentioned the brand BioVégan on my blog. About three months ago, I got to know its natural skin care products and fell in love with some of them. Recently, I tried this face serum and got hooked on it immediately. It´s perfect for dry and normal skin. Using it in the morning will give you a needed portion of hydration and create a nice appearance with a natural glow. The shimmering particles are so tiny that they look very natural and can be barely seen on the face. The consistency of the product is also very light and is absorbed by the skin within seconds. The serum is amazing for warm seasons.

S.O.S. anti-blemishes by Bio: Végan Skinfood

Another product by the brand BioVégan which had been taken on the list of my beauty favorites. Though I don´t have a huge blemishes problem, I still get one or another from time to time. To get rid of them as fast as possible, I use the anti-blemishes serum by the brand. The best way to use it is by applying it in the evening on pimples and let it work for the whole night. You will see that difference even after using the product only once. It also has a practical brush to apply the serum precisely, which is very convenient. With this product, no pimples have any chance.

Beach Walk by Maison Margiela

This is such a unique fragrance which combines freshness and sweetness. Its name reveals the mood of the scent creation to 100%. Such notes as lemon, bergamot, and rose pepper give the fragrance its light freshness on one hand. On the other, there are such sweet notes as coconut milk and musk which add a nice sweetness to it. This composition reminds of a sunny day by the sea, when a light breeze plays with your hair and the sun kisses your skin. I used his fragrance a lot in August and will continue doing it in September too.

Bronzing fluid by Alverde

I purchased this serum accidentally while looking for some hygiene products staying in Hannover in June. I found the concept of the product interesting and decided to give it a shot. Though the moment I tried it for the first time, I hated the patchy orange appearance it gave me. I even wanted to throw it away but then I decided to give it the last chance. Instead of applying an even layer of the serum on my skin (what I did the first time), I applied it on my hands first, rubbed them a little bit and then pressed them on my face. Applying the product this way created a nice and very thin layer on my skin which wasn´t looking patchy or too dark. Such a light veil of the product gave me a glow and a sun-kissed appearance. Now when I know how to use the serum right, I use it almost every day and love how healthy and nice my skin looks like.

Lipstick by Jeffree Star

The long-lasting lipstick in the shade “yummy” by Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of my favorites from the moment I ordered it. The color is so pretty, and its orange undertone makes it look so vibrant. I also think that it will suit the golden fall just perfectly. To me, liquid lipsticks by Jeffree Star are the best because they last for hours and don´t dry out the lips. I hope that this shade will be added to the permanent range. The color is to pretty not to have it. You can see more of the lipstick (inclusive swatches) and the summer collection by Jeffree Star here.



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  1. The vegan, natural brand seems wonderful and exactly for me! It amazes me that so many brands still use ingredients that aren’t good for us and our skin in their products, so it makes me happy whenever I find ones that are good. I was especially happy when Sephora released their Clean label on brands. I will definitely have to check out the two products from this brand considering you love them so much xx

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