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This summer is full of amazing beauty products. There are so many which are worth a separate shout-out that I decided to start the favorites of the month over. In July, I was on vacation and could put some stuff on a hard test. In today´s review, I summoned all the products which did a great job under the Spanish sun.

Lidschatten- und Highlighterpalette von Bh Cosmetics

I already mentioned this palette on my blog. You can find the review of it here. I fell in love with the palette the moment I tried it for the first time. Since then, I take it on every trip I make. Why do I prefer this product? The answer is pretty simple, the palette includes all shades needed for both day and go-out makeups. Additionally, I´m so into warm shades at the moment and this palette has them. I also prefer having it with me because it contains six highlighters which would match every possible skin tone. I know that doing my makeup with this palette will give a great one during the whole day. I would recommend it to everyone.


Blush by LÓréal

The new collection “life´s a peach” by L´Oréal combines pastel and gentle shades with a scent of ripe peaches. The best thing about this blush is that it´s a universal shade which will suit almost every fair and medium skin tone. The product is easy to apply and blend out. It´s highly pigmented but very flexible and doesn’t look patches on the skin. I love how fresh and natural-looking my complexion is with this blush.



Face and body spray „Enjoy“ by Charlotte Meentzen

Face mists and sprays are my everything. I use them a lot both in summer and winter because I love how energized and moisturized my skin feels afterward. This spray can be used on the face and on the body. I prefer to start my day with it by simply spraying it on my face, neck, and shoulders which make me wake up much faster and feel great. It smells so nice like flowers which is an additional benefit of having an aroma-therapy at home.


Deo-cream by I+M

I´ve been searching for well-working deo without aluminum for a while. Unfortunately, I couldn´t find anything that would protect me against sweating the way I wanted it to. That´s why I returned to the products with aluminum from time to time. About a month ago, I was presented this deo-cream which was organic, vegan, and natural. First, I didn´t put too much hope in this product because I tried way too many organic ones which didn´t help at all. The presenters assured me that this one would work, and it turned out to be true. I can say it loud that this deo-cream is the best product I´ve ever used. It´s gentle to the skin, smells amazing, and of course, protects me from sweating. Frankly, I didn´t expect it at all. I don´t know how they did it, but it really works. The product won´t let you down in your normal everyday life. Of course, in case you will have a workout, you will sweat, but it´s normal even for the products with aluminum.



Bergamotto di Calabia by Acqua di Parma

There are such hot days sometimes that it´s barely possible to wear any perfume. Many of them seem to be way too strong or even too sweet for the heat. In case you know what I´m talking about, I have a great solution. The scent “bergamotto di Calabria” by Aqua di Parma is one of the freshest perfumes on the whole planet. Wearing it makes me feel like I´m somewhere on the sea. Such notes like lemon, bergamot, cedar wood, vetiver, and red ginger create a unique composition sparkling with energy and freshness. I love using this scent in summer and enjoy how energized I feel.


Bronzer by Bobbi Brown

One cannot have enough of bronzers and highlighters. At least, this is how I see it. At the moment, I love using the bronzer by Bobbi Brown because it has a great shade which is not too warm and a matte finish. The product is highly pigmented but it´s so easy to apply and blend it out. To be sure, you didn´t grab too much product, just tap the extend off the brush. I really like how it looks on my faire skin. This is a real sun-kissed finish.




* This blog post contains advertisement because certain products were named and shown in detail! *

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