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I didn´t share my beauty favorites on the blog for a while now. It´s time to change it. Today, I want to give a little shout-out to my current favorites which I completely fell in love with and use constantly. Let´s dive directly into them.

Concealer “Mister Light” by Givenchy

Unfortunately, it´s not that easy for me to find a good concealer which doesn´t set into the fine lines. Even if I use a setting powder, some products just don´t want to be locked on the place. I purchased this concealer by Givenchy spontaneously and was very surprised. The texture of it is not too thick and not too liquid which lets it put and blend evenly on the undereye area. Even after hours of wearing, it looks good on my skin without any imperfections. Speaking of the coverage, it´s a medium one. So, if you look for something with a full coverage, it´s not your product. In case you don´t have too dark shadows under your eyes and want to find a good concealer for every day, this one will be your perfect choice. It´s easy, fast and works great.

Master Strobing Stick by Maybelline

Frankly, I didn´t believe that budget highlighters could be good. I tried way too many and almost all of them were very low pigmented. The master strobing stick by Maybelline proved that I was wrong because it´s amazing. It´s so pigmented and creates a gorgeous glow which could also be minimized by simply blending it out more. I also love using it on my body, e.g. on my shoulders and my collarbone. Especially in summer, it looks just fantastic. This highlighter is my favorite one at the moment.

Merz Spezial Dragees “skin -hair – nails”

I am that kind of a person that takes vitamins. Especially, I like taking vitamins which perfect my youth and beauty from within and improve my hair, nails, and skin. I tried so many of them and stopped by this special product by Merz because I saw the difference. My nails really got much stronger and my skin looks firmer and more hydrated. Of course, you should be patient because it takes a while for these changes to be visible. As a packaging freak, I also enjoy the packaging of this product. The glass bottle looks and feels good and qualitative. I like it much more than a standard plastic blister packaging. I´ve been ordering most of my vitamins online, e.g at shop apotheke. They have a huge variety of different supplements and regular price reductions on numerous products. So, you can get the products you need cheaper than somewhere else.

Bananenpuder by Bellapierre Cosmetics

I found this setting powder a month ago in the spring InStyle Box. Since that day, I´ve been using it practically every day. To be honest, in the beginning, I wasn´t that much into banana powders because I always thought they would look weird on my skin. This product showed me that I was wrong. I love setting my concealer with it. Even for baking which I used to hate because it emphasized my fine lines instead of perfecting my undereye area, it works wonders. The banana setting powder is also perfect for eye dark spots, pimples and pigment spots. The only one reason this powder wouldn´t work for you is if you have a very fair skin. In this case, using it will make your undereye area darker and more yellowish than the rest of your face. In any other cases, it´s the perfect powder to get rid of imperfections.

Hair Oil spray “Liquid Vitamins” by Natura Siberica

Russian brand Natura Siberica specializes in natural skincare products and is not only very popular in Russia, but also well-known in many other countries such as Norway, China, Spain, and many others. In Germany, the products by the brand can be found online and in selected DM drug-stores. I picked this hairspray for dry and damaged hair because my hair definitely needs some extra nutrition. I also found the packaging very cute. Additionally, I love everything that sparkles. This spray contains such great ingredients like argan oil, cedar seed oil, raspberry seed oil and many more. It should be applied on dry and clean hair which makes it look shiny and nourished. The best thing about this product is that it doesn´t make it look greasy and flat. It also smells just amazing.



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