How to “tame” an oversized blazer

4 easy steps to upgrade your style and look the best and trendiest way

Hi, beauties! A blazer belongs to one of the biggest must-haves in every wardrobe and every style. Still, the appearance of a trendy blazer changes so often with the coming and going fashion flows that sometimes it´s not easy to catch current trends and purchase the right option.

I know that many girls don´t like broad and voluminous blazers and don´t trust the oversized style at all. The thing is that many of them think they would look very unflattering wearing it. We may like it or not, but the trendiest blazer of the day is a total oversized one. The bigger and broader, the better.

I personally don´t see oversized blazers as critical as many do. On the contrary, such pieces may get your besties in case you´ll learn how to wear them according to your body type and your needs. Here are some of my fashion hacks I stick to while wearing an oversized blazer. Let´s take a look on how to “tame” this piece!

Who can wear what

The biggest fear of many girls is that they may look unflattering. Petite girls don´t want to look even smaller and girls with curves are afraid to look even bigger. In reality, an oversized blazer can suit every body type. One should only keep one simple thing in mind.

Slim girls can wear everything and we all now it. They can easily switch between lightly oversized and super oversized pieces and look great. Those who have some extra volume should be careful with it. In fact, one should avoid way too oversized blazers and stick to the straight ones. Such blazers will still look great but won´t create even more volume than needed.

Always keep in mind the length

There is one strict rule wearing oversized pieces. You should always keep the right proportions of the body. Voluminous pieces may destroy the right proportions pretty easily. That´s why they should never be too long because it will cut off your legs. Still, you can save the situation if you choose high heels for your outfit.

For sure, we all have seen way too many super stylish pants suits with a really oversized blazer and pants paired with sneakers or other flat shoes. Still, if you´re not a model with the endless legs or a super popular streetstyle professional, I wouldn’t recommend going that way. Especially if you are not 100% sure about how your outfit affects your proportions, stick with proven hacks.

Notice the following rule: the broader and more oversized looking the piece is, the more important it is to visually prolong the legs. Picking flat shoes, stick to a shorter oversized blazer, while deciding for whatever length you want wearing heels. In fact, you can always make it work for you adding such proportions savors like a belt above the blazer.

Pay attention to the sleeves

To make the silhouette longer, it´s important to pay attention to the sleeves. Rolled up sleeves make it look slimmer and protect you against looking like a bodyguard with massive shoulders.

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Choose the right companions for your blazer

The fastest and easiest way to style a nice and balanced outfit is picking only one oversized piece like I did in my today´s look. To be sure that you don´t look like a bodyguard in your oversized blazer, choose body flattering pieces to compliment your outfit.

Adding skinny or straight jeans to an oversized blazer or styling it with a mini skirt will show how feminine and well-formed you are. An A-line dress paired with an oversized blazer or an oversized trench coat will also add a femininity touch.

Still, if you want to wear an oversized pants suit, there is a way to make it work. Just place a second-skin top or a crop top in between. Showing a little bit of naked skin plays a major game and transforms your outfit from “the suit looks way too big” to “damn, I look so much slimmer in that super stylish combo”. Who would say no to that?!

I personally decided for one oversized piece, a gorgeous white blazer by Na-Kd and added pieces flattering my body. High heels make my legs so much longer and the feather crop top and denim hot pants create a trendy and even edgy look. Following my outfit inspiration make sure that your blazer remains open so that you don´t look as if you borrowed your boyfriend´s jacket because it´s too cold outside.

I´m wearing: blazer by Na-Kd / top by Missguided / hot pants by Bershka / sandals by EGO / bag by Furla

Do you have oversized pieces in your wardrobe? Did you try an oversized blazer for your outfits?






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  1. Ashley
    4. September 2019 / 9:07

    Oh, my gosh! You look absolutely amazing in that blazer!



    • Daria
      12. November 2019 / 20:14

      Thank you so much, Ashley!

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