InStyle Box Summer Edition 18

Finally, the summer has arrived, and we actually have been having a great weather in Germany so far. Of course, there were a couple of chilly days, but it definitely could have been worse. The summer is not only about hot and sunny days but also the time when the brand-new beauty box by InStyle Germany comes out. I´m so excited every time I receive the beauty box. The moment when you open the box and see what products have been hiding in there is amazing. I got my box just a few days ago and want to go through all of the items I´ve found in there. Let´s get started.

Shower bombs by Walz 7

This product is new to me. I know the bath bombs, but the shower bombs made me wonder. The idea is very cool and simple. All you need to do is place a shower bomb to your feet while taking a shower and turn the water on. Contacting with water a bomb changes your bathroom into a spa with a great aromatherapy. In the box, there were two different versions of it. The first one called “high spirit” smells like roses and the second one “active” smells like mango. Both of them are amazing and suit perfectly for a hot summer day.

Coconut water, smoothie bar, and an inflatable drinks holder

The drink by Taste Nirvana consists of 100% coconut water mixed with maracuja. All ingredients are fresh and healthy. I really liked the drink and think that it´s a great way to replace the traditional soft drinks with something tasty and healthy.

The smoothie bar is a perfect life-savor in case you´re starving and don´t have enough time to have a break. The bar is made of natural ingredients and tastes great. Such a snack is always a good solution. I need it in my life.

The inflatable drinks holder is a cute idea for every summer party at the pool. A juicy pineapple holder makes it possible that your drink floats on the surface of the water and remains cool. The only problem is that I don´t have a pool. Well, we´re going to Mallorca soon and I will definitely try it out there.

Hand foam by Bilou

Bilou is a German brand making great smelling and vegan shower foams and other bath items. For the summer they created a new product, a hand foam with an apricot aroma to nourish hands without waiting too long for the product to absorb. It´s also 100% vegan and contains vitamin E, almond oil, panthenol, and avocado oil. Especially in summer, your hands will be thankful for such a great care. I like this product so much and use it every day.

Cleansing palette by Real Techniques

If you do your makeup almost every day, you know that dirty makeup brushes are a never-ending story. Washing them with hands doesn´t bring good results because it´s not easy to get to the inner bristles and cleanse them respectively. Such solutions as cleansing palettes are amazing to cleanse all the makeup rests out of the brushes and do it quickly.  Since I´ve been using such a palette, my makeup brushes are always perfectly clean.

Face-Gel SPF 30 by Ultrasun

Everybody knows already that it´s very important to use a sunblock on your skin. In summer it´s even more important because of the sun and time we spend outside. To me, a good product for protecting my face, neck, and decollate is decisive. Still, I need a sunblock which makes a makeup application possible. There was a great helper for summer days in the box, a miniature of the SPF 30 by Ultrasun. It protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays and prevents a premature aging of the skin. It was specially made for sensitive and fair skin. The small package allows it to be taken with even in the smallest purse.

Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen

I love Sally Hansen and use their nail polishes frequently. I personally still prefer traditional nail polishes instead of the gel ones. That is why I was happy to find the top coat in the box. It dries every nail polish within only 50 seconds which is amazing.

Cleansing gel by Real Techniques

Perfectly suiting the cleansing palette, there was a cleansing gel for makeup brushes in the box. The special formula helps to cleanse both liquid and oily textures and get even the most persistent makeup rests off the bristles. The product is alcohol-free and was dermatologically tested.

Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask by Mudmusky

The night face mask suits every skin type and is perfect for a stressed and tired skin. It regenerates, nourishes, and hydrates it. The best thing is that you can also use it on the eye area which will reduce dark rings under the eyes and plump fine lines. The miniature is 20 ml which is enough to see whether you want to purchase a bigger one.



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