Kiko kiss balm


Lately I bought a couple of things by Kiko Milano Make-up and got two cute lip balms as a gift. It was a super gift for me as I constantly have dry lip skin and I am rather nerveous when I don’t have my lip balm in my purse. That’s why I have 3 or 4 balms at the same time. But we shall go back to these two little guys. To be honest I was always rather skeptic about the quality of such gifts. Why should one give me a good product for FREE? But I have to say that I was very surprised in  positive way. One could choose among 4 different colors / smells. I chose for me a raspberry (the rose one) and a strawberry smell (red one). Both of them smell so good and they are pigmented as well ( note, low pigmented). One has a littl bit of  color on the lips and a good skin care product at the same time.



Both lip balms are very good. I can use them not only as a care product, but also in order to add a color accent on my lips. They smell is just adorable and also have SPF 15 which is very important for skin care for to go. Additionally the packaging is very qualitative. I do not have a feeling I would hold a cheap stuff in my hands. When I’am done with them I will purchase new ones for sure (why purchase? Well, I don’t think I will get them as a gift once again  after such a long period of time). The price for one is ca. EUR 5 and they are worth it.

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