Mini dresses + comfy sweaters = the perfect way to feel stylish in fall

Hi, beauties! The last and the worst month of fall has arrived. That´s why it´s even more important now to feel pretty and stylish in order to get rid of the fall blues. I know the colder it gets, the more we all want to cuddle into extremely thick down coats and forget about fashion until it gets any warmer. Still, wearing mini dresses in late fall you can feel warm and be the prettiest and most stylish person out there if you know how to upgrade them according to the weather conditions.


Mini dresses are perfect for layering looks

Yes, you heard it right, our favorite summer dresses can be easily transformed into cozy and warm outfits suitable for late fall. Soft oversized sweaters put on above light dresses make a great layer to keep you warm. They also create a nice contrast between oversized and flattering vibes demonstrating the real silhouette instead of showing meters of fabric. This is how you guaranteed won´t look like a wool ball.

I decided for a simple white mini dress to be the basic part of the outfit based on the real fall colors like yellow and mustard orange. That´s why this cozy yellow sweater had to be added to the look. It´s not only super cute but also super warm. In fact, I was even too warm wearing it during the photo shooting. Can you imagine how dear this piece will be when it gets really, really cold?! I wanted to bring more fall colors and prints into my outfit, so I chose my latest fashion catch for it, the short yellow/white/black plaid coat by Ostin. Maybe it doesn’t look like its super warm, but it really is because it´s made of wool to more than 60%.



Other tricks to wear dresses in late fall

The best thing about layering is that you can put on additional layers to keep you warm which won´t be seen by the others and won´t ruin the optical side of your outfit. For example, you can always put on a color matching singlet underneath your dress. Though in my today´s outfit I wear thin tights, you can add a warm version or even choose the thermo ones. I wear such tights in winter very often. That´s my biggest secret of why I don´t freeze my ass off while wearing dresses but I didn´t tell you anything 😊. Additionally, you can always put on some warm socks wearing long boots.

Last but not least, you should purchase the boots, you will want to wear the whole season long. In fact, having an item which you´re literally obsessed with will make you wear and style it more often. Slouchy boots are so on trend at the moment and they look absolutely gorgeous with dresses and skirts. So, picking such boots you´ll stick to dresses for a long time, I promise. I wear mine almost every day both in my private life and in front of the camera, which you´ll see in my future posts for sure.

I´m wearing: coat by Ostin / dress by Zara / sweater by Ostin / boots by Zara / bag by Gucci /



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