Miu Miu the first fragrance


I have loved the first fragrance by Miu Miu for two months already. Interestingly I read many reviews and critics that had been not that positive. To be honest, I do not understand why. The only one positive statement was the design of the bottle for this perfume. It is really extraordinary and creative. I liked this fragrance from the first moment I had smelled it. But I could not buy it as it had been a Promotion for it. The only thing I got was a sample. After that I had to wait for a month till it would be available in Germany. I purchased it as early as I could and I didn’t regret it. I think that all the girls who don’t like it are the fans of some more sweet or powder notes. Miu Miu fragrance does not have it at all. The description to it says that the fragrance includes floral notes, but it is not sweet.


The fragrance is very fresh and mild. In the background there are earthy notes. My personal association with Miu Miu’s background notes is fresh grass somewhere in the countryside (I don’t know whyJ). I definitely love it!

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