My makeup catches by H&M

Hi, beauties! Not everybody knows that H&M makes not only fashion pieces but also makeup items. By the way, their makeup is really nice. I´ve heard so much about its quality from numerous YouTube channels but I never got the chance to see something of the brand in real life. H&M stores in Germany don´t have any makeup products and the only way to buy anything is to order it online. Frankly, I added some lipsticks a couple of times into my shopping cart, but I felt insecure cause I didn´t know how they would turn out to be in reality. That´s why I never proceeded to the check-out. I hoped that one day I would find them in store.

A month ago, I went on vacation to Barcelona where I happened to find a huge counter filled with H&M makeup. I had to make a stop there and test everything. In the end, I purchased two lipsticks and a blush. I would have bought much more but many shades I wanted to have, had been sold out. As I´m a huge sucker for the nudes, I picked those. I also heard that the nudes by H&M were extremely nice. Now, after more than a month of using all three products I can totally agree with those reviews and even more. The makeup items are to die for. I couldn´t even expect that anything that retails for such a moderate price can be that good. This is why you should take a closer look at the H&M makeup line.

Cream lip colour lipsticks by H&M

I picked two nude shades because I wear them regularly and because one of my favorite YouTube Bloggers Tati, recommended many of them. I decided for the shade “wish you were here” and the shade “creamy chestnut”. Both of them belong to the “creamy” collection and have a nice creamy finish. The first shade has a cool undertone and makes every makeup special. The second shade is a warmer brown nude as its name reveals.

Speaking of the packaging of the lipsticks, it´s a minimalistic but great and stylish looking one. The combination of the white and gold colors looks as if it were a high-price brand and that´s why it will definitely look great on every vanity. By the way, I have already tested them on being very solid because I let them fall a couple of times and surprisingly, there were no scratches or splits at all. So, plus one point on the stability of the packaging.

As for the coverage of the lipsticks, it´s a medium one. Both colors are amazing on the lips and look very intense and rich. The pigmentation is also on top and that´s even more important, the lipsticks are super easy and even in the application. Thanks to the creamy finish the lips look even plumper.  Who would say no to this?!

Additionally, the shades can be worn for hours without losing their intensity and richness. Though the collection is not a long-lasting one, the shades survive a cup of coffee or a little snack without any retouches.

Pure radiance blush by H&M

Among numerous blush shades I chose “warm desert”. It´s the perfect mix of a light bronzer and a blush which creates a nice natural-looking finish. With just one product you can have a bronzer and a blush in one.

The product is highly pigmented and can be evenly applied with just one stroke thanks to the silky, matte texture. In summer, I loved using the blush as a bronzer because it created a sun-kissed finish with a bit of freshness to it.

A practical tip for you: such light blushes with a pinky undertone fit perfectly as bronzer for a fair skin (apply it with a fluffy brush alongside the cheek bone and the upper part of the forehead) and make a healthy looking appearance as if you´ve just been kissed by the sun even if you have spent the whole summer at home.


The makeup products by H&M convinced me to 100% and I will definitely continue to use the ones I have and try other ones soon. Given how unexpansive they are, you can purchase a bunch of great stuff without going bankrupt. The better part is that H&M makes sales on everything including their makeup products. The original price for a lipstick is 9.99 EUR but I got one of mine for only 3 EUR and paid 13 instead of 20 EUR. Isn´t it great?

The quality of the makeup products by H&M is amazing and so is the price. It´s really worth trying their makeup line and get a prove yourselves that products on budget can be great too.




*unpaid ad. All items had been purchased myself.

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