Shade & Light eye (eye contour palette) by Kat von D – review

KatvonD Lidschatten

I like Kat von D. She is a nice and extraordinary personality. That is why I was interested in her beauty line “Kat von D beauty”. Unfortunately make-up by this brand cannot be ordered in Germany so I had to purchase some articles in the USA on the Sephora website. In this review I want to share with you an eyeshadow-palette by Kat von D. The “Shade and light” palette consists from matte eyeshadows only. I decided for this palette as I have hooded eyes and matte texture is the best one in order to correct this particularity.

KatvonD Lidschatten1

The eyeshadow-palette looks really cool. It is probably my favorite palette as it is designed in classical gothic rock traditions. As for me it is gorgeous in its black-grey-gold package. But of course the content is much more important than the packaging. I swear you won´t be disappointed about it.

KatvonD Lidschatten2

As the name of the palette reveals it´s all about shade and light. There are only matte classical shades in the palette. They organized in three sections: cold tones, warm tones and neutral ones. Though there are no extravagant shades in the palette it is possible to do a nice everyday make-up as well as a beautiful evening make-up.

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The “shade and light” eyeshadow-palette by Kat von D is the holy grail for all girls with hooded eyes. All colors in it are beautiful and are of high pigmentation. They can be blended out gorgeously. I love this palette and use it almost every day. This product has only one disadvantage. It cannot be found in Germany so one has to purchase it in the USA.

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