Fashion Must-Haves: Camel coat

Fashion Must-Haves: Camel coat

The fashion world isn´t very constant and only a few things can be seen as semi-permanent. But a classic camel coat definitely belongs to such pieces. What makes it so unique and why should you choose this color? Here are… View Post
Fashion Evergreens: #2 white pants

Fashion Evergreens: #2 white pants

Hi, beauties! Most of us love to wear pants. Of course, they are so comfortable and yet so stylish. White pants and jeans are especially chic because they are able to transform any basic piece into a great casual outfit… View Post
I´m not a perfect gal, I´m not a perfect wife, but I freaking love who I am

I´m not a perfect gal, I´…

Women suffer from various outdated or simply sexist prejudices and behavioral patterns coming from their families and friends from an early age. Even if they don't mean it badly with us or say certain things for fun, some of them… View Post
White oversized shirt – a layering outfit for cool days

White oversized shirt – a layering outfit for …

Hi, beauties! An oversized shirt is the best piece you probably can have in your wardrobe. Not only is it very comfortable, but you can always put this piece of clothing in the limelight styling both cool casual outfits and… View Post
Utility style – a comfy trend for spring and summer

Utility style – a comfy trend for spring …

Hi, beauties! The "utility" trend is big this season. But what it´s actually all about? The answer is easy because it’s pieces that look like work clothes. It can be different jackets, boiler suits, shorts, and sturdy boots. This style… View Post