Hi, beauties! It happened again! The year is almost over and being 100% frank, it wasn´t the best one for me. Well, there were many great events and experiences but on the whole, it was a rough one. Nonetheless, I prefer looking at everything that goes not according to the plan as a lesson I had to learn. I truly believe that every rough situation we must overcome in our life is given to us in order to learn something out of it and get stronger and better. What do you think about it? In this post, I´m sharing with your some of the things that had a major impact on me during 2019 and what I learned from them.

Inner balance

This point comes first because without feeling in balance with yourself you won´t be happy. Being a perfectionist, I struggle with myself every now and then because everything I do or have seems to be not enough or not good enough. Sure, I practice a lot of things to concentrate on everything I have, but still, there are better and worse days. This year, I had way too high stakes concerning my job as a blogger and a content creator. I desperately wanted to manage everything perfectly and do it all by myself. This is how I reached my low point when I couldn´t do anything more because of severe burnout. This whole situation happened in summer and this was when I took a little break from all social media to overthink my attitude towards it and the way I use it. This time made me change my perspective of how I feel about social media platforms and how I can minimize the damage caused by them. I made it clear to myself that I wouldn´t try to be online 24/7 and create content non-stop. It makes me feel devastated and outpowered, so I better have my social media account for having fun instead of stress. By the way, realizing that I have my issues with social media helped as much as finding the body-soul practice Qigong did.


Though I tried it several times, I wasn´t able to become friends with yoga (it´s way too static for me). Maybe that´s why I was quite skeptical concerning qigong at first too. Though because of my chronical back and neck pains, I decided to give it a shot. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it from the first time. I noticed that my pains went away after two weeks of the 20-minutes morning exercises. I also felt much better, physically and emotionally, including a much better mood and a higher level of energy in the morning. The first three months I did the morning exercises each morning but now I do them three to four times a week. Qigong really works for me and releases not only my muscle tensions but also my mental and emotional blocks. My burnout earlier this year made me search for a solution which turned out to be qigong.

Acne caused by stress

Yes, you got it right, I got acne as an adult. Frankly, it was such a low point that I simply could whine the whole time long. I never had any skin issues even as a teenager and this year it struck me. The worst thing is that such pimples leave spots and scarfs on the skin. Until now, I cannot understand what caused acne on my skin, because nothing in my life routine changed. At first, I decided to wait a little bit and not panic but after two months I understood that my pimples go nowhere, and I need help. Regular deep cleansing treatments and clay masks didn´t work either. The dermatologist I´ve been to, assumed that this might have been a stress reaction. She prescribed me a cream with antibiotics which has to be applied every day for several months. Though I´m not that happy to get antibiotics on my skin for so long, there is no other way out and I can already see the improvement of my skin condition.

This unpleasant situation showed me once again how important it is to be in a balance with yourself and to not let the negative things in our life take control of you. I also try to alter my nutrition habits to be sure that I do everything possible for a healthy and even skin.

My hair was ruined

To everyone who missed my sad story about my experience with balayage, it went wrong, completely wrong. Still, it was the beginning of the story because after the fail with balayage everything I wanted was a simple dyed hair. This year I´ve been to three different hair-colorists who were supposed to be super pros. For your information, I only wanted my roots to be dyed and the whole color refreshed. It shouldn’t be a big deal for a pro, right?! Still, all of them did nothing except dying my hair to death because the situation got worse and worse each time. My last try at the hairdresser´s was in May and this is when my hair was “killed”. I always had a long and healthy hair and now it´s so hard to realize that everything I can do is sit and wait until it grows back.

I was recommended to wait some months and let my hair grow. After that, I could have some highlights or an air touch done on the grown part of the hair. Additionally, I regularly go to the hairdresser´s to have the bad ends cut. You´ve probably noticed that my hair gets shorter and shorter. It´s because I want to get rid of this nightmare as fast as possible. Still, it´s kinda sad to realize that I paid so much every time and got my hair ruined.

To let this blog post end on a positive note, there are a couple of events from 2019 which made me super happy.

Blogger events, publishing of my article in Mabelle magazine

This year I´ve been in Frankfurt two times to visit a nice beauty blogger event which gives a great review of the main beauty trends. Additionally, it´s always nice to meet up with the girls who do the same as I do and stay in touch.

The publishing of my article in Mabelle magazine is a special highlighter for me because it proves my qualities as a blogger in first place. Sometimes, I still think that it was a dream but every time I look at my article, I know that it´s not.


For sure, many of you know how passionately I love music. I would never say “no” to a concert of one of my favorite bands. This year I´ve been to three great concerts. In May, I went to Hannover to see the show of Slipknot. The concert was insane, and we also managed to make a stroll through the old town which was quite pretty too.

At the end of May, there was another major concert which I´d been waiting for so long. It was the most incredible Rammstein concert ever. We were lucky enough to get our tickets because thousands of other fans didn´t stand a chance. Even while writing about it, I´m getting goosebumps again.

Last but not least, I rocked on stage with Limp Bizkit the whole concert long. Maybe it sounds like a fairytale but it´s true, I didn´t pay anything or had any connections, I´d simply been to the right place at the right time.

How was your year of 2019? Share your best and worst moments in the comments.





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