The cargo trend: why you definitely should give it a shot – a Lara Croft outfit

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Hi, beauties! Finally, it got so warm that I can slowly add my favorite spring trends into my outfits. I already dared to wear crop tops, though I did it underneath blazers and cozy coats. Still, it´s a great beginning of the season. I must admit that this season has so many great trends in store for me personally that I already purchased some pieces to suit almost every one of them. White sneakers with voluminous soles – check. Pieces with a snakeskin print – check. The safari and cargo style – double check. I wanna start my series of the hottest spring trends with the cargo one. Recently, I read one blogger who claimed cargo pieces to be complicated to style and be something that only the bravest fashionistas could wear. Well, allow me to disagree with that statement. I don´t even count myself to the brave people in the fashion sense and I can still wear cargo pieces and feel dang comfortable. I also think that they are super easy to style even if you don’t have that much creativity and imagination. My today´s outfit is a good example of how I love the cargo trend and how cool it can look. Let´s talk about how to style the cargo trend and why you should give it a shot.

Why you should try wearing the cargo trend

Though the cargo style definitely has some similarities with the safari style, still, it´s not the same. The cargo style imitates the practical workers´ clothes. That means that such practical details like patch pockets or their imitations are mostly to be seen on the cargo pieces too. The most popular pieces in the style used to be overalls and pants but now as it has become such a huge trend you can find everything in this style. I personally think that you should try the cargo style out just because it looks so cool and different. If you decide for such colors like olive green, beige or brown, you´ll get the style completely different from the original meaning of workers‘ clothes and similar to the safari which is elegant and feminine. In case, you are still not convinced, there is another great pro of this style. It flatters your body and creates more curves than you probably have. You´ll get the butt of your dreams and a wasp waist without even doing stressful workouts.

How to wear the cargo trend

Cargo pants, shorts, and skirts magically create the volume where you need it. All slim girls, girls with a small butt or everyone who wants to accentuate the volume of the butt can stick to them. The best thing is that by wearing cargo pieces you can transform them into something totally different simply by choosing different shoes. Adding a pair of heels to cargo pants will give you an R´n´B touch. Deciding for a sturdy pair of boots will create a cool, sophisticated rock´n´rolla look. Though cargo pants already make the waist much thinner, you can make an extra step and add a thin belt (long tissue belts in different neon colors look extremely cool). This will make your waist even thinner.  Another great trend of the season is crop tops which have been remaining one of our best friends for several seasons already and suit the cargo style perfectly. In case you´re not a friend of crop tops, you can always stick to normal t-shirts. Cargo pieces are so easy to pep up with shoes and accessories. Try it out!

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A Lara Croft outfit

The first thing my husband told me when he saw me in this outfit was: “you look like Lara Croft”. I took it as a compliment because these were exactly the vibes, I put into it. I combined beige cargo pants with a black crop top, a retro bomber jacket, and sturdy combat-boots. I fell in love with the boots the moment I saw them for the first time. Unfortunately, they were out of stock in my size everywhere. All I needed to do was waiting until they got them again and I succeeded. The thick soles of the boots may look a little gothic-like, but I dig for this look. This outfit needed a bag, but a classical it-bag would under no circumstances look smooth with it. My life-savor or better to say, my outfit-savor was my current favorite belt-bag with a retro touch. I proved it once again how versatile it is and how cool it looks with completely different outfits. Another outfit with the bag can be found here. As you can see, my today´s look has been put together according to the tips I gave you above. I think that these pants look super pretty and accentuate only the best sides of my body. The cargo trend is not that scary as it seems, right?

I´m wearing: the whole outfit is by Missguided, the Bomber jacket here, pants here, crop top  here, a similar bag  here, the chain here / boots by Dr. Martens here /




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