Two ways to create a figure-fitting outfit wearing an oversized blazer

Most of the worries many gals have with oversized style is the fear of looking unflattering and chubby. But in truth, this style suits a lot more women than you think and it’s so easy to look beautiful in it. In fact, you can use it to make great accents on your figure and hide some issues you insecure about. I’m a big fan of the oversized style and I wear it a lot. Today I’ll show you two tricks of how to wear an oversized blazer in such a way that you look slimmer, more elegant, and at the same time super trendy. So, two looks that are based on the same blazer and yet look completely different.

The look # 1: accentuate the figure with the lower layers

In this case, the oversized blazer is left casually unbuttoned. I chose the longer version of a blazer which can be worn as a dress. Thanks to the length, you look slimmer and taller earing the piece. To make this effect even clearer, I combined it with high-waisted faux leather pants and a bralette. Because both the pants and the top are fitted, even a super oversized blazer won’t destroy it. For this reason, it is important to think about the layers under your blazer. Pick them skillfully and you´ll get an outfit to turn necks.

Outfit #1: Blazer by Missguided / pants by Missguided / bralette by Bershka / pumps by Maje / bag by Louis Vuitton / necklaces by Missguided

Look # 2: set accents with accessories

The same blazer and the same pants, but the outfit still looks absolutely different and yet, super flattering. The secret lies in the right accents that were set with the help of accessories. In my case, it is a black textile belt that I wrapped around the blazer which was buttoned this time. Thus, despite the very loosely fitting cut, the look does not create additional volume. Instead, it accentuates and flatters my body even more. Depending on which look you wanna go for, you can experiment with the pants. Skinny jeans or tight leather pants will set more accents and make the outfit look cheekier, while straight-cut pants (even the leather ones like mine) create a more elegant look, which is suitable in many life situations, starting with a meeting at the office and finishing with dinner with your better half.

Outfit #2: blazer by Missguided / pants by Missguided / sandals by Asos / bag by Furla / belt by Missguided

FYI: you can choose simple black pumps or black ankle-boots for the second outfit which suits the current fall weather much better. With such a show choice you´ll keep the vibe of the look and your feet warm. 

Which look is yours for the taking?





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