Why a biker jacket is what you need in your wardrobe

I am a huge fan of leather clothes. I love everything made of this material. It can be dresses or traditional biker jackets. Finally, the season when we can start wearing such pieces is slowly coming. It´s still warm outside, which means that there are hundreds of ways to style leather jackets. I will definitely style my numerous biker jackets in different ways this season, so you will see how great this piece looks with different outfits. It´s always about choosing the right dress (it´s how love wearing it the most) to the sturdy leather jacket. For today´s outfit, I chose a mini baby doll dress.

A biker jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe, even if you´re not a Rock´n´Rolla

I´m pretty much sure that everyone needs a good biker jacket because it will give you so many styling options. Though I prefer it to wear a biker jacket, I know that many girls out there, doubt about having such a sturdy jacket version. In that case, you can stick to other, less impressive leather jackets. By the way, nowadays, there are so many options, even the faux leather ones, that it won´t be a problem to find your perfect item.

This is my first biker jacket-based outfit this fall, and I decided to choose a pretty mini baby doll dress to it. Of course, you can wear one color dresses to the biker jacket, but preferring prints will make your outfits more interesting and creative. I decided for a dress with a floral print. The accent of the outfit was set to my legs. That´s why I picked up black ankle-boots with block heels. Though they look sturdy, they perfectly lengthen my legs.

Actually, it´s always a great way to pair a biker jacket with floral print pieces. Flowers take too much power of leather and make such outfits look more boho-like. Still, there are other prints which also make a great tandem with biker jackets. I will show how nice plaid looks with leather in one of my later blog posts. So, stay tuned.

I´m wearing: dress by Envii / jacket by Jipsy / boots by EGO



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