Why a kimono is your personal must-have on vacation


Though we are in the middle of the fall right now, I want to share with you my thoughts and suggestions concerning such a summer piece like kimono. Why do I do it? That´s simple. Even in winter many of us go to warm and sunny places to have a vacation. I think that a kimono is a must-have on every trip where the sun shines brightly. Additionally, now is the best chance to pick a kimono with a good discount. So, here come my points why you should purchase a kimono in case you still don´t have any.



A kimono pimps every outfit your yours

A kimono is one of my personal must-haves on every trip to a warm and sunny country. Barely any other pieces can upgrade your outfit the way a kimono does. Even a plain t-shirt and hot pants will look differently with such a piece. You can create a boho style by simply adding a kimono and some layers of accessories. I also love the combination of jeans, a crop top, and high-heels with a kimono. Such a look is a very eye-catching one. That´s why it´s sufficient to have this piece on your vacation. It will spare you a lot of room in your suitcase.



Is it cold or too hot? – a kimono will make everything better

Even sunny and warm places have their weather issues. It might be cold in the morning, hot on the noon, and windy in the evening. In that case, a stylish kimono can be your life savior. Adding a kimono to your normal daily outfit will keep your warm and lets you get chills only because of great emotions of the place you´re staying in and not because of the weather. As for the beach, there is also a great benefit of having a kimono in there. If the sun strikes too hard or you just had way too much sun on your skin, you can simply protect your skin while putting a kimono on. It will also make you look the trendiest gal on the whole beach.

This outfit has been taken on vacation in Mallorca. I paired a crop top, destroyed high-waisted hot pants with a long kimono in the Asian style. I prefer wearing it open, but you can put a belt around your waist and it will also look very stylish. As you can see, even having not so many pieces with you during your vacation will make you look different and cool, no matter what. Do you have a kimono in your wardrobe?



I´m wearing: top by H&M / hot pants by Asos / kimono by Shein / slides by Mango





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